Follow Me results in two simultaneous calls to Aastra phones

I’m told that this started “a month and half ago” or thereabouts, which would be consistent with when we did the last update (from 10.13.66-19 to 10.13.66-20 on August 27, 2017) but whats happening is that with these old Aastra phones if an extension is following to itself it will start a second call. So the first half ring is just on line 1 and then line 2 will start ringing as well. I cant find anything in the config file or the follow me module to show why this would happen. I also checked the template and even logged into the phone GUI to make sure that we didn’t have more than one line configured.

Does the newest version of FreePBX fix this? Or is there a bug report on this that I missed?

Current info
Current Version 10.13.66-20
Current Asterisk Version: 13.17.0

Did u bother to check for follow me module updates on your system yet?

Well yes, I did bother to check the follow me module and I did update it. Currently at

The two users reporting this are both using a 55i for what its worth. The Yealinks don’t seem to have this problem but I’m collecting some more data on exactly which phones experience this and which ones don’t.