Follow me not working when call to extention through Trunk

I’m having trouble with extension where follow me configured.
We have 2 servers FreePBX-A and FreePBX-B connected through SIP Trunk.
Calls between extensions on each server working fine no issues.
How ever if calls from FreePBX-A any extension to FreePBX-B specific extension with Follow me enabled, call is not forwarded follow me cell number which must route through FreePBX-B configured trunk for that extension. Erroring out destination is unreachable error. While calls from FreePBX-B local extensions working fine.
I appreciate if anybody has any idea.

Thank you very much.

Follow Me and Call Forwarding will keep the original callerID of the call when passing it through the outbound routes/trunk. So if you are having issues with the second PBX being able to handle the call, most likely is due to it trying to match to an extension/user based on the CallerID which it is not going to do.

We need to see the verbose output of the log file of a call that is failing to verify this but I’m pretty sure it is due to nothing matching against anything on the second PBX and the call is failing due to that.