Follow me not correctly dialing external number

If I call from one extension to my extension, FM works perfectly and the call to my mobile goes through.

If I call from an external number, and dial my extension at the IVR prompt, or I call in and the operator transfers me, FM attempts to to send the call to my mobile but the call cannot complete.

FreePBX 14 with Asterisk 16
Working internal call log:

Failing external call log:

Lines 443-444 make me think there is no outbound route dial pattern for the call, perhaps due to filtering by CID?

Exactly it, this site had wanted specific billing through the provider and we removed the generic route a while back. More eyes are always a good thing.

Better question now, is why the sales team never reported they were not getting calls… But I can’t fix people…

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Ok that was half of it. works for normal calls in now.

Fails from a call in over a PJSIP interoffice trunk.

This one is going to the outbound route and failing on all three trunks the route is set to use.

The dial is attempted, lines 480-482 but the call is refused by the Skytel trunk, possibly due to the invalid pstn CID set on line 424. Otherwise you might get a hint why it was refused by looking at the signalling.

I changed the interoffice trunk to a PJSIP trunk a week or two ago. It doesn’t get a lot of use like this, so it was not noticed until I specifically tested today.

When it was an IAX2 trunk, the calls went out fine and showed up on my mobile as either 103 or +103. I can set up the IAX2 trunk again and test that it is still that way.

It’s probably a recent change by your provider, you can’t send out pstn calls without a valid CID any more.

See this post for preserving external CID across interoffice routes. It’s for IAX, but the same can be done by adding a custom header to the sip INVITE: What is the best way to connect multiple FreePBX together?

Right, as I said, this was a rarely used interconnect and this failure is not hurting anything most of the time as it is even more rare that the person getting called over the interconnect has follow me enabled.

I just tried to set force CID on both the outbound route and the trunk as a quick fix. But apparently this is ignored on an interoffice route? I’ll get a call log later.

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