Follow Me - how to show the caller number

Hello everyone,
this is my first time using Asterisk/FreePBX.

I’ve setup 1 SIP trunk,
with 1 IVR
1 Queue with 1 agents
the first agent is a “sip” account
and the second agent is a “virtual” account with Follow Me enabled (with my cell phone number),
so when a call comes, and I have stepped out of the office, it will ring
at the IP phone in the office and on my cell phone.

This works fine!

My problem is that when some one calls my SIP trunk number for example 123-123-123
he goes through the queue,
at the IP phone (sip account) at the office I see the callers number (for example 456-456-456) number, so I know who he is,
but when my cell phone rings (virtual account) I dont see the callers number (456-456-456-), but I see my SIP trunk number (123-123-123) calling me.

What do I have to change/correct in order to see the caller’s phone number?

thank you.

I was looking at this also but I don’t think you can forward the original caller id unless your trunk allows with follow me, I will gladly be proven wrong.

This is from user guide in wiki:
CID Name Prefix


Transmits the caller’s CID if allowed by the trunk. The caller’s CID will flow down the outbound route and trunk.

There are companies that do not allow “foreign” caller ID information to be transmitted, and some trunks (Some PRI, T1, and POTS, for example) may set the Caller ID for you. Check with your trunk provider to see if transmitting customer CID information is even allowed.

It’s also possible that the trunk is setting the caller ID on the way out (overriding the set caller ID from the system). Turning on “Intracompany Route” on your trunk may also help you with this.

If your provider doesn’t allow foreign CID, you could do what I did and set up a specific trunk for this. My PBX always calls my cellphone over a different trunk than my incoming calls. This way, I get the flexibility of using customer CID information AND avoid the weird one-way audio problem I have when I try to forward a call out through my incoming provider. That last part is my problem, but it gave me the incentive to invest in a second trunk.

the answer is it depends on, as alexcal says, whether your trunk provider all ows you to pass the caller id. some do, some don’t. if they do allow it, then make sure that your trunk is not set to force a cid.
we get this type of request often but once they realize they will not know this is a business call, they then start asking for an indicator as to whether this is a business call or just a personal call.

Thank you all guys,
I’ve sent an email to the support of the trunk provider and I’m waiting reply.

I will post any progress here.

It is exactly as you said, the provider responded to my email and they just dont allow it when I’m using my own PBX.

Thank you all for the replies.

Lots of providers do, including Sipstation.