Follow Me goes to cell phone voicemail

So, right now the only way that I can get a call to not go to my cell phone voicemail when using Follow Me is to use the Confirm Calls option.
This can be kind of a hassle though, is there any way to have it go back to my extension voicemail WITHOUT having to use the Confirm Calls feature?

We use follow me to our cell phones and if we hit the button to ignore the call it goes to the cell phone voice mail. If we just let the call go and don’t answer it and don’t hit the ignore button on the cell phone the call goes back to Asterisk’s voice mail.


The fact is that Asterisk can’t distinguish between a valid cell phone answer and a cell phone voice mail answer. That’s why the confirm calls was put in to start with.

I suppose you could fiddle with the ring timing on both the cell phone and asterisk and get something that MIGHT work sometimes, but that approach is shakey at best.


Thanks for the straight answer, Bill. At least now I won’t spend hours trying to get it to work.

I tried hitting ignore on my cell when it started ringing, and it defaulted back to the Asterisk voicemail instead of the cell phone voicemail, which is good.

So I guess we’ll just have to deal with confirming calls, no biggie!

I have the voice mail in my cell phone set to send the call back to my PBX where they select someone else or leave me an VM on the PBX (which I then get as an MMS)

that way if I get VM’s they are all in the same place

No need to worry about ring time about or checking 2 VM’s