Follow me feature

I am coming from Trixbox to Freepbx and have a question.

My question is about the follow-me feature. If I setup Freepbx to forward calls from an extension to say my cell phone after so many seconds (i.e., I don’t answer my desk phone) I know it will forward to my cell. My question is this: If FreePBX forwards the call to my cell phone and I don’t answer, does FreePBX take the voicemail or does it go to my cell phone voicemail.



That depends on how long the mobile phone takes to go to voicemail versus your ring time on the PBX. You can check the box to confirm incoming calls, which will prompt you to push 1 before the call is answered. This will prevent the call from going to mobile phone voicemail. (Unless you happen to have a DTMF 1 in your voicemail greeting!)