Follow me + external call


We’re setting FOLLOW ME on an extension (102) with external phone number calling.
All works fine when calls are made by an other internal extension.

But when call are external and put in a queue where the extension 102 is, nothing happen ?


Do you want the call from the queue go to the FOLLOW ME destination if extension 102?

Go to the setting of the queue and set ‘Agent restrictions’ to: ‘call as dialed’. works fine in my installation.

Make sure you have ‘confirm calls’ enabled when sending queue calls to external destinations.

yes the QUEUE was set to CALL AS DIALED but its the same.

the workflow is :slight_smile:

EXTERNAL CALL → QUEUE 3333 —> all extension are ringing (only 1 extension have a FOLLOW ME to external number) ,

But nothing happen17

Make sure you are using the latest versions of Core module and Queue module. There were some bugfixes on not working call confirm’s…

confirm call setting set in the queue or in the extension ?

This may be unrelated to queues.

Confirm that Follow Me (or forwarding or Ring Groups) from an external number to an external number is working properly. By default, all these mechanisms send the number of the original caller as the outbound caller ID. If the trunk (or provider) is not set up correctly, the call will be rejected.

The extension. Some providers “answer” every call immediately (e.g., for FAX detection) so make sure the Confirm Call setting is set for these calls.

… or the wrong CID will be inserted into the call or you’ll end up with strange one-way audio problems.

Checking on the FMFM performance for a single call instance is really important here. Once you have that working, you can trouble shoot your queue-directed calls.

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