Follow me and DND


I have a primary extension (101) for the secretary. I need to configure follow me and DND like that :

  • when DND is off or her phone, incoming call rings 15 seconds and after, all extensions rings. I have select this with follow me and ringallv2-prim.
    All is ok, except if the first extension (101) is on line, follow me is not active. Of course, it’s the -prim option, and it’s normal.
    BUT, i also need DND function on this first extension (101) to redirect incoming calls to voicemail when DND is on.

So, this the problem : i need to always have an active follow me when DND is off, whenever first extension is already online.

I can change the first extension no answer to group call, but if i do that, there’s no more voicemail when DND is active on the first extension.

Sorry for a such question, but i’m a beginner in FREEPBX and i’m looking for that configuration since many days. I don’t read how to do untill now. So please… Help me :slight_smile:

Thank you so very much.


I am having a bit of a hard time understanding your question here.

FollowMe should be working at all times even when DND is enabled?

Hi Pitzkey,

This is what i need :

  • simultaneous incoming calls on first ext (101)
  • after 15 seconds of ringing ext 101, continue to rings 101 and rings all others ext (even if 101 is busy with a call)
  • when DND is set on ext 101, all incoming calls go to 101 voicemail.

That’s it. But i really don’t know how to do that.

Thank you so much to trying help me :wink:

Sad to see that my problem still not have a solution… Nobody to help me please ?

Is there anybody to trying to help me ? I’m really lost.

Many thanks.

I think this will not be possible with DND on the extension 101. Why don’t you use a Call Flow Control rule for that? So you can set a BLF button with the rule on the phone with the extension 101. So when the person with the extension 101 pushes the button all calls are routed to the voicemail. Pushing the button again all calls are normally routed to the phone.

Also I think Find Me/Follow Me will not work when extension 101 is on a call. So a Queue with the Ring Strategy “linear” would be better.

That is totally dependant on the ring strategy used in Follow Me.