Fluctuating volume over SIP

Super odd issue where a customer is complaining about fluctuating volume on calls. We’re using standard SIP Trunks. FreePBX14 and Asterisk 13. I would assume we are looking at a network issue? No choppiness or jitter or dropped calls. Just audio getting quiet and normal then quiet.

Has anyone experienced this odd issue before?

There’s not a lot to go on here. Are the phones on the same network as the PBX? Is this over the Internet? Does this happen on all calls?

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Phones are not on the same network as the pbx. PBX in the cloud. About 22 extensions with a standard latency according to asterisk info of 8-12ms. I do not believe it happens on most calls.

Then if it’s not happening on all calls you need to correlate data on what calls it is happening on. And also make sure this is an actual audio flux and not someone moving the phone away from their mouth and the mic not picking them up at full volume.

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