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I have everything working except for outbound calls. I can’t dial out, I can get incoming calls, FreePBX registers with Flowroute Can somos one please me help me out? Flowroute doesn’t have any documents on how to make this work.

Assuming that you have a pjsip trunk:

On the Dialed Number Manipulation Rules tab for your trunk, set Outbound Dial Prefix to your Tech Prefix (8 digits followed by *). The called number should include the country code.

On the Advanced Tab, set From Domain to sip.flowroute.com

Confirm that the caller ID you are sending includes the country code.

If you still have trouble, at the Asterisk command prompt, type
pjsip set logger on
make a failing outgoing call, for example to 18004377950, and past the Asterisk log for the call (redacted as desired) at pastebin.com and post the link here. If you are too new to post links, just post the last 8 characters of the URL.

Thanks, I followed your recommendations. Still same problems.


The log starts after a call has already failed, with no new calls placed, so there is not much information there.

The call failed because the number dialed 832XXXXXX did not match any Outbound Route. If the intent was to call a US number in the Houston area, the number dialed should have had 10 digits, and either the outbound route or the trunk would have to convert it to 1832XXXXXXX, the format Flowroute requires. If the intent was to call internationally, country code 832 is currently unassigned, so the number is invalid.

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I guess we are just going in circles trying to figure this out. Is there an example of a working Flowroute setup that I can follow? Like I said before incoming calls work it’s just the outbound are not working. Even though on the Outbound routes I have a dial pattern to prepend 1 on numbers from 1-10.

From the asterisk CLI

dialplan show 1832XXXXXXX@

would show any route and on close inspection , show whether it goes anywhere useful

I don’t see anything relevant after running that. I even added the whole number XXXXX is just to obfuscate the whole number.

If it doesn’t find an outrt-n then it unlikely to work, further inspection should have found something like

dialplan show 1832NXXXXXX@from-internal
[ Included context ‘outrt-1’ created by ‘pbx_config’ ]
‘_1NXXNXXXXXX’ => 1. Macro(user-callerid,LIMIT,EXTERNAL,)

Post a screenshot of the Dial Patterns tab for the Outbound Route you expect to hit.

Or, try replacing it with:
prepend: 1
prefix: (leave blank)
match pattern: NXXNXXXXXX
CallerID: (leave blank)

This will allow you to dial a 10-digit North American number.

Add a second pattern:
prepend: (leave blank)
prefix: (leave blank)
match pattern: 1NXXNXXXXXX
CallerID: (leave blank)

This will allow you to dial 11 digits, starting with 1.

Note that this is not complete – you still need an Emergency route above this one, and may want routes for international, etc.

Ok tried it back again today and it worked, both incoming and outgoing. Do I need to run the Wizard for Emergency and International numbers?

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