Flowroute Incoming Calls "Your Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed"

Hi all. So I recently setup FreePBX 16. My Sip Provider is Flowroute.

My Issue: All DID’s regardless of route setup in flowroute either SIP Registration or IP Based Route now tell me “Your Call Cannot be Completed as Dialed”

What I was doing: I had just finished setting up one trunk completely incoming and outgoing calls running perfectly. I have several flowroute subaccounts. I’m attaching each account to FreePBX as a serperate trunk and use this for multiple companies I’m running. Having each companies calls routing over each respective trunk with proper caller ids and such. So the first account is working fine. I go ahead and setup the second trunk. Everything seems to be working fine for incoming calls. I’m having a problem without going calls routing out of only the default line. I do some research and realize I can add my extension to my dial plan to ensure proper routing outbound. Ok so I believe everything is setup fine. I do a couple outbound checks and calls are routing properly. I tell my self now lets check inbound just to ensure its all fully working now and to my surprise inbound calls no longer work and provide the message Cannot Be Completed as Dialed.

I’m unsure what changed. I have gone through my settings it feels like 100s of times of the past few hours. I have walked away and restarted with no success.

I don’t know how to tell if even possible where the inbound call is failing, as it’s my cell phone company providing that message. I’m just not sure what the logs are telling me. I haven’t used asterisk in over a decade and feel somewhat lost. Can someone please help me out here.

Edit: Flowroute just emailed me back and stated I have a 401 Unauthorized Error on Inbound.

I have tried turning off the firewall in freepbx and put it in DMZ just to see if this changes anything and nothing changes.

Ok for anyone else having this problem. I guess at some point looking through my trunk lines to flowroute I had accidentally Authentication to inbound instead of outbound. Once I fixed this it all works perfectly.

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