Flowroute and FreePBX SMS Setup

Needing help with Flowroute SIP and FreePBX SMS Setup, has anyone configured flowroute and FreePBX to send and receive text, I need help with configuration.

PBX Version:
PBX Distro: 12.7.8-2306-1.sng7
Asterisk Version: 16.30.0

You can use the Open Source SMS Connector module created by @billsimon

New open source SMS Connector module - FreePBX / Development - FreePBX Community Forums

Have you used this before?

I’m the one that made that module and the Flowroute connector; I tested it a bit and it worked. I don’t normally use Flowroute SMS though so I haven’t been doing ongoing testing of it. If you have specific questions after trying it out post back.

I’m having issues getting it all configured, I have it loaded in FreePBX and I have configured a user but need help knowing what to configure in FlowRoute and in FreePBX to talk

Did you take a look at the README? There may be an element of figuring some stuff out on your own.


Bill, I have been looking for this functionality to support sms & mms using Skyetel SMS & MMS api. I just now came across this post, so I admit I have not dug into the details of what is necessary to add support for a new provider to your module. Here is a link to a one page version of the Skyetel API connection info. Could you take a quick look at this page and see if it has everything your module would need to support using their API as well? I would greatly appreciate it.

Skyetel SMS & MMS messaging API info.


Please keep in mind that the US now has 10DLC and providers like Skyetel enforce. Since @billsimon is in the US in order to be able to use SMS on Skyetel (or other providers) it would require registering campaigns and other work to be done just to do limited testing.

So at this point, things can be programmed but without active 10DLC campaigns with a provider it will make testing very, very hard.

I am in the US as well and I’ve already registered a brand and campaign with Skyetel and am setup for 10DLC. I’ve been using SMS with a ClearlyIP soft phone for over a year and also have a brand and campaign with them that I use for that one ClearlyIP soft phone.

I have all of my other sip trunks, besides the one that I have with ClearlyIP for the SMS capable soft phone, with Skyetel and prefer the Skyetel service. I just don’t have enough knowledge or expertise to write the API connection to talk to Skyetel’s API myself and have not been successful in piecing together a working solution with anything else. This module that Bill wrote looks like the most promising solution for Skyetel SMS integration that I have found so far…

OK then that means someone can add functionality but can’t test it unless they have a Skyetel account and 10DLC registered. If no one does, then they can generate the code but have no way to test it or tweaks formatting and other things since they can’t test.

Yes, the module could work with that API. I’ll PM you.

In Flowroute, Preferences/API Control, put in webhook URLs for SMS and MMS. The formatting is described in the SMS Connector help text and will look like this:

On this screen you also create an API key (key and secret) which you enter into the Provider Settings page in SMS Connector. Also on the DID in Flowroute, ensure you have enabled messaging. Post back if you have specific questions.

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