Flipping "Dynamically Generate Hints" from False to True doesn't work?

Hello All,

My FreePBX-Distro install tells me:

You are set to Device and User mode but are not set to ‘Dynamically Generate Hints’ which can result in improper phone state behavior. This can be changed on the Advanced Settings page, check the tooltip for specific configuration details.

It is indeed in “Device and User mode” so i tried to set “Dynamically Generate Hints” to True, but it’s doen’t work. I can flip it, but there is no way to save it (apply the change). Does anyone know why?



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Asterisk (Ver.

Doesn’t asterisk need to be restarted?


Server reboot… Nope, still doesn’t work.

Other ‘switches’ on the Advanced Settings page show a save-button after flipping… “Dynamically Generate Hints” doesn’t do that?

I also have execincludes=yes in amportal.conf as suggested.



I just went and toggled it?

Did it on Safari in my case.

Do you have any other issues with other Advanced Settings? There is nothing special case about this setting so it should be consistent with other setting changes.

As this particular setting is read-only, you’ll need to set “Override Readonly Settings” to True before you can modify “Dynamically Generate Hints”. Once you set and save this, the green save button should appear for you.

I beat my head on this too for awhile until I saw the override switch, followed by a hand slap to the forehead.