Flashing / Loud Ringing Device (for Deaf) Needed

Perhaps rather an unusual request…

I have a FreePBX v2.9 setup with 3 Cisco 7941 and 7961 phones, plus a couple of Nortel 1535s.

Now although the Nortel phones will light up the screen that a call is coming, and the Cisco handsets flash the red light on the handset, I want to see if I can find another mechanism for notifying someone who is audio-impaired that an incoming call is coming, because they can’t always have the Nortel screen or the Cisco handset in line of sight!

For a standard telephone socket, you can get a “visual ringer” which simply plugs in and flashes a bright light to let you know.

I know that I could install a call notifier onto a PC - but the PC is also across the other side of the room, so I would need it to trigger an external “event” too - and I’ve not yet seen anything which can do this.

I’m happy to bodge together a combination of scripts - but if anyone has any idea how to create something which can flash brightly when a call comes in, that would be fantastic…

I use Krown K-PF200 connected to Grandstream HT-286. Total cost ca $50.

Thank you very much - I didn’t think of an analog adaptor!

That should work a treat.