Flash Player 9.0.124 Problem with FOP (Flash Operator Panel)

It was my experience today that FOP is not compatible with the latest Flash Player version that Adobe pushed out this week. It broke the FOP on my PBX in a Flash system, on my Windows XP Pro workstation. I had to roll back the Flash Player to version 9.0.115, which took some effort to figure out.

Has anyone else experienced this yet?

For reference, here are the notes I made to resolve this issue in both IE7 and FireFox 3:

Flash Player 9.0.124 Problem

There is a compatibility problem with FP 9.0.124 with Flash Operator Panel in both IE7 and FF. Remove both “Adobe Flash Player Plugin” and “Adobe Flash Player ActiveX” in Windows Control Panel “Add and Remove Programs”.

Download the archive version of FP from: http://www.adobe.com/go/tn_14266

Unzip and install 9.0.115. Only run “flashplayer9r115_win.exe” and “flashplayer9r115_winax.exe”.

If you receive an error that refers to your not having the latest Flash ActiveX, select Start > Run > regedit, then delete the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Macromedia \ Flashplayer, then run flashplayer9r115_winax.exe again.

See also reference: http://support.plato.com/kb/tip.asp?psid=6263

See the following thread and bugid reference.