Flash panel drag & drop and voicemail

If I drag & drop an incoming call onto the extension’s telephone icon in
Flash Operator Panel, once the extension’s timeout expires Asterisk hangup
the channel.

I would like instead for the call to go to voice mail. How do I do to achieve that?

The op_buttons_additional.cfg file contains a line “Context=from-internal” for each extension’s definition. Does that line explain current behaviour?

Assuming that it does, what context should I replace the “from-internal” with in order for the call to go to voicemail rather than hangup?
Should I rewrite the related extension’s lines mended with the new context line in op_buttons_custom.cfg?


OK, I’ve found out that if I comment-out the following line

exten => 421,n,Set(DB(${BLKVM_OVERRIDE})=TRUE)

(421 is the queue number in my installation) in file /etc/asterisk/extensions_additional.conf for the concerned queue, than the call will be allowed to move to voicemail once the extension’s timeout has expired.

Now, I do not know whether that breakes something and whether there is a more elegant way (perhaps in the GUI?) to enabling/disabling this feature.

Hopefully the developers can spare a couple of minutes to advise us on this matter.

Thanks for your time.