Flash Operator Panel not working

I installed FreePBX from the distro and then ran the 2.10 upgrade. Everything seems OK except that the FOP does not work. It wasn’t working before the 2.10 upgrade either. I get a white screen with “Couldn’t load variables.txt?aldope=47233”. The final numbers change every time I attempt to load. Stytem Status shows this under notices:

Could not reload FOP server

Could not reload the FOP operator panel server using killall -HUP op_server.pl. Configuration changes may not be reflected in the panel display. If the FOP module was just installed you may have to retart Asterisk with the “amportal restart” command for the FOP server to run.
Added 58 minutes ago

Any ideas what the problem is?

Are you running the FOP or FOP2? FOP is no longer supported. The last version of the ISO I downloaded still had the FOP on it but I had the same problem you’re having and had to upgrade to FOP2 in order to “fix” it.

I went to http://fop2.com/download.php and followed the directions for updateing FreePBX. There are a couple of links that take you off to other things you need to do along the way. I just opened those in new windows so I could keep the main flow of what I was doing going. Once I completed the steps the FOP2 panel works really well.

You do need to change the URL to access the FOP2 panel. Go to http://yourPBXsyste.com/fop2/ in order to access it.

You might want to take a look at the following link. It has add-on modules that you can install.


You can run

yum install fop2-freepbx

To install FOP2

You might also want to take a look at iSymphony as your operator panel.

Thanks, that worked.

Thanks, I’ll look into iSymphony as well.

am i reading the isymphony pages correctly that even for a single user the server fee starts at $599?

I know FOP2 has less features…but is there a middle level?