Flash Operator Panel 2 (FOP2) Issue

Hello everyone,

I have installed the FOP2 in my new system with hundred of extensions. The FOP2 only shows conferences when I accessed it. It doesn’t show extensions, ring groups and others even I only chose couple of them to show on FOP2 (around 3 or lesser than that). Does the reason behind it was only a free version?

FYI, extension are not yet set up on the phones.

The free version only displays 15 things.

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I am having similar issues with the FOP2. Installed it to test it and only used less than 15 buttons. But it only shows some extensions. Some extensions are never displayed no matter how many extensions are selected. Maybe the limitation of the free version is buggy.


It’s a free download. FOP2 will work for up to 15 buttons in free/demo mode. If you want to unlock it and remove that limit so you can see any number of buttons on screen, you can purchase a license.

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Thank you guys for your help. I saw videos that the manager secret key and config secret key should matched? Do we need to have it matched? I see them as well using only free versions but the extension panels and others appearing

Resolved by upgrading its license

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