Flash Firmware on Verizon T46 Yealink phones?

We keep running into these verizon systems that verizon is selling. I should say trying to sell Voip and they are doing a horrible job. They have a special firmware that overrides the yealink firmware. Does anyone know if we can flash these back? Customers have to buy all new phones otherwise.

We have migrated several customers from Verizon T46s to become a standard T46, all with no problem. We simply used the yealink firmware recovery process.

Just google “yealink firmware recovery”, it will take you to a PDF from 2015, it is still the standard for this process. You need the yealink recovery firmware, not every version of yealink firmware is capable, a few google searches will get you the right place. We take a notebook onsite running a tftp server, reboot the phones in recovery mode, type in the tftp server local IP on the phone, let the phones reboot after firmware recovery, option 66 provision the phones, that will include an update to a v83 firmware, and we are done.

We have won business because other firms tell customers ‘it cant be done’, we come in and move then in a few hours. We just did a 27 phone install in half a day.

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funny you just posted this. This is exactly what I did. Do all the models have the recovery FW?

I can confirm that you can indeed reflash these. They work great and sometimes can be found for about $70/phone on eBay. I have about 25 of the Verion branded phones working just fine. If you need the firmware, let me know and I’ll post it somewhere.

All models have recovery firmware. Contact your reseller for access to them or PM me and I will make a download available to you.

Perfect! Thanks guys! Can’t believe verizon got this deal. They are treating these like cell phones. Good for us :slight_smile:

is the recovery firmware different than the upgrade firmware on the yealink download site?

You need the boot rom to un-Verizon it, and I don’t think they have that publicly available.

Unzip and Point your Phone/TFTP to these files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OJibhI3KUycsMyR5RCiouHmISJWAdmky/view

Then you can upgrade to a newer version if you wish. I’ve done probably 60 of these, never had an issue.

I can’t figure out how to PM, but I would be interested in recovery firmware for the T46G.

you can google and get them


The recovery firmware is in the Google Drive link I posted above ^^^^^^^^

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