Fixed Public IP needed for freePBX?

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(Walter Zahn) #1

Hi there,

I want to install or buy a Freepbx System. My ISP doo not provide me with an fixed WAN IP adress. Can I use freepbx with an dynamic pubilc IP oder must I have a static IP adress like in an 3CX Installation ?


(Asteriskadmin) #2

dont need it. how often does your ISP change the IP?

(Walter Zahn) #3


it depends. Sometimes every few days and sometimes not for a month or longer.

(Sergio Lobera) #4

Hi @Wallyrt! You can use DDNS under System Admin

That will update your FQDN with your new IP (if exists)

(Walter Zahn) #5

OK thank you all for your help. I will try an install this weekend

(Dave Burgess) #6

Most ISPs will only reassign your address when you reconnect (not all, just most), so if you want to maximize your control, you can restart your ISP connection once a week, over night, when you’re not expecting incoming SIP calls. That way, your DDNS address is always “fresh” and you’ll minimize the chances of catching a ‘busy signal’.


most SIP trunk providers give you two options to register with them IP Authentication if you have a static IP and password authentication if you have a dynamic IP address you can use password authentication in your case just make a strong one