Fixed Public IP needed for freePBX?

Hi there,

I want to install or buy a Freepbx System. My ISP doo not provide me with an fixed WAN IP adress. Can I use freepbx with an dynamic pubilc IP oder must I have a static IP adress like in an 3CX Installation ?


dont need it. how often does your ISP change the IP?


it depends. Sometimes every few days and sometimes not for a month or longer.

Hi @Wallyrt! You can use DDNS under System Admin

That will update your FQDN with your new IP (if exists)

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OK thank you all for your help. I will try an install this weekend

Most ISPs will only reassign your address when you reconnect (not all, just most), so if you want to maximize your control, you can restart your ISP connection once a week, over night, when you’re not expecting incoming SIP calls. That way, your DDNS address is always “fresh” and you’ll minimize the chances of catching a ‘busy signal’.

most SIP trunk providers give you two options to register with them IP Authentication if you have a static IP and password authentication if you have a dynamic IP address you can use password authentication in your case just make a strong one

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