Fixed IP in Virtual Machine

If I install freepbx in a VM, such as VirtualBox or VMware, how would I configure it to have a fixed IP from my hardware router.
I need to be able to connect to it via its IP on the same network (or via port forwarding). I am on Windows 7 w/ both VMware and VirtualBox. I am also on WiFi but I can use Ethernet if needed.

I think you’re trying to ask ‘How do I stop my virtualization platform from adding NAT?’

You need to set your vm to use BRIDGED network interfaces. Then it appears to be just another host on the specified network interface.

In VMware workstation you do that through network configuration.

Can this work in VirtualBox


So, I have decided to use VMWare but it can not detect my NIC.
Only my Bluetooth and my VirtualBox. How do I get it to find my card?
Reinstalling now.