Fixed IP address on FREEpbx DISTRO

Hello, Please I have fixed Ip address with my FreePBX Distro in my office and I want to use one extension at home. So how to do that? I have 3cx on my iphone 3G and I want to use that extension on the phone.

You can expose the fixed public ip address to the internet (not advised) and then use that ip address as the 3cx pbx/host… otherwise, i’d created a vpn tunnel to your office from your iphone then use the internal ip as the 3cx pbx.

thanks,I have tried many times with vpn but I cant do it, so can you show me step by step|

Instructions for this end to end are quite indepth so what part do you need?

I assume you have a hardware VPN/Firewall at your work, right? First step is you need remote vpn access to your network? Do you have this part in place yet?

Yes I do have hardware for VPN but its not use at the office. SWo what I have to do to set up in the office and remote to home.

Do you manage the firewall or someone else? Also, what make/model is it?

well, The model is Linksys. Can you explain me what kind of manage of firewall you are talking about?

Well… I’d like to be more helpful but kind of need a little more information so I will give you some guidelines to get started… once you have a vpn configured I’ll help with the 3CX client.

You have a Linksys router/firewall etc… go to their website support page and download the user manual and follow instructions on configuring a vpn… as this pretty much differs for most makes & models.

Once you have this working and have tested from your external computer and or mobile device, come back and let us know and we can go from there.

Good luck.

That was one of the most courteous RTFM’s I’ve ever heard - bravo.