Five Digit Extension?

I wonder if anyone has done this before and any assistance will be appreciated.

I had setup our system with 5 digit extensions (instead of 3 digit by default). But with this setup, we need to dial the number before pick up the handset or press “dial” button. (If you have dial tone first, it only accept 3 digits)

Does anyone know an easy way to update the system for 5 digit extension?

You need to look at the digit map of your phones. You did not mention what brand of phone you are using.


Thanks for the quick response. Yes, modify the digit map did resolve the problem.

BTW, we are using Polycom for our VoIP system.

Good to hear.

I deploy mostly Polycom phones in my systems. Good solid phone with plenty of features.

Are you using End Point Manager to configure the phones?


Yes. End Point Manager.

While you are familiar with this, are you enabling multiple lines. The next step I am working on is, when user is on the phone, I would like to have incoming call fall into 2nd line, instead of call waiting on 1st line.

We are using SoundPoint IP 331 for client site and 550 for support center.

In the MAC_reg.cfg file you should find the following


This controls how many line keys appear for a registered extension. You can change it to 2, which will give you 2 line keys.