Firstnotonphone Ring Group not working with ATA

I have a weird one. One of our customers is using a Grandstream HT818 with 4 extensions and they have a ‘firstnotonphone’ ring group set up. This usually works just fine, but occasionally when a line was in use or 1 line is currently in use, the call won’t roll over to ext2,3,and4 even though they’re Not In Use, it just goes to the no answer destination.

It’s like it’s not detecting the hang up properly or something. I read about a similar issue that someone fixed by changing the “Loop Current Disconnect Duration” setting on the Grandstream. I’ve changed this multiple times with no effect.

The customer has AT&T SynJ67138 phones --> Grandstream HT818 ATA --> Ubiquiti EdgeMax EdgeRouter X

Here’s an example log if anyone has any input or suggestions on how I might fix this issue. This customer calls in almost everyday about this problem wanting it fixed and I’m stumped.

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