Firmware upgrade yealink

I’m trying to update the firmware for my Yealink phones and it seems I am doing something wrong but can’t figure out what.

Added the 0.00 firmware to slot 2
I downloaded the latest firmware files that I need for my types of phones (t40 and t42s) in the slot 2
Renamed the file to match the ones in slot 1
Made sure asterisk was the owner of the files
Change in my Yealink template to use Firmware Slot 2

Told the system to update phone, still running old version
What am I missing to get the phones updated ?

Does this sound familiar?

So you downloaded the .84 firmware? Did you configure the phones to point their provisioning URLs at the PBX and use the proper method (tftp, http, etc)?

The provisioning URL points to the PBX and the provisioning is set to http on FreePBX
Seems only the firmware update doesn’t want to work, when I make modifications to the system everything is done right away on the phones.

Not the end of the world, I thought I had a version that was way much older and was trying a feature that is not working in the template but could be me doing something wrong on that side

You can do:

grep <mac of phone> /var/log/httpd/access_log to see if the phone made attempts and the PBX got them. Try both upper and lower case versions for the letters in the MAC.

Did you name them t42s.rom and t40.rom?

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