Firmware update failing on initial connection

having an issue with a new setup where the phone get’s it’s setup from the proxy but then fails on downloading the firmware from EPM. I suspect the local firewall is blocking the download but need to test from inside the network.

Can’t for the life of me remember the url to use in a browser to test the firmware grab. Can anyone here give me a clue? TIA

The issue I’m having is the phones will get the config from the proxy but then the phones will fail on the firmware download with:

The firmware update failed. This could be because the firmware server could not be reached, or the update file was invalid. you can try again or restart the phone

Is there no way to bypass or prevent the phones from trying to pull a firmware in EPM?

Local firewall was totally disabled and still the same issue. Anyone have a suggestion an where to look? I see nothing in the asterisk logs after the phone makes it’s initial connection…

some progress. Apparently the phones can’t download the firmware if they are set to use an extension mapping profile with VPN. Once I removed VPN from the extension mapping the firmware downloaded ok.

After a successful download and configuration without VPN I turned VPN on again and the phone reboots, connects via VPN but cannot fetch it’s config from the VPN server address

moved one of the phones to a new location (different network, different firewall, internet provider etc) to see if the problem followed the phone. It did. It’s got something to do with the VPN server on the PBX but can’t seem to pinpoint what it is.

I’ve compared all the settings I can think of with another identical (theoretically) system that is working.

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