Firmware File (BIN) not on FreePBX Server after Backup / Restore

Dear community,

i had moved the freepbx from a customer through a new machine. now the firmware bin files from my snom phones not present on the server:

The requested URL /snom/1/snom715.bin was not found on this server.

how i can download the updates again that these then are on the server?

thank you so much

many greets

You have to first select Snom Phones from EPM and try to download last Firmware.
After you download a new firmware PBX will create automatically Snom Firmware Folder under

/tftpboot/snom/0 or /1

Thank you. I have removed the Firmeware version that i has installed, and have readded.
now the files in the folder. thank you so much.

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