Firmware Failing on boot on Sangoma D65 Phones

Hello all - I am running Freepbx 16.0.40 and using the DMPA manger to configure Sangoma D65 phones to the box. The phone is on the same network as the PBX and it connects to the PBX and once I assign the extension to the phone it starts a Firmware upgrade. At first I didn’t assign firmware to the phone and it fails. It goes through getting firmware from the server and then it goes out to fetch firmware which I presume its from Sangoma and it doesn’t go past 0 % and I keep hitting retry and it doesn’t work.

I have tried to assign Firmware ver. To spot one and two and both of those options fail also. I even went and downloaded the latest firmware from Sangoma and did a custom firmware and it gets stuck at fetching outside firmware.

I did turn off the firewall and attempted all the above again and got the same problem.

I am lost on this one, can someone provide any insight on how to fix this or turn off the firmware check?

Thanks in advance…


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