Firmware Download/Install latest

PBX Firmware:12.7.3-1708-1.sng7
Using basic EPM

I see the latest Available Firmware listed for Sangoma S500 is 1.45

I have found which includes download links for v.

I have hunted for instructions on how to download and install the firmware for this version so that it appears in the list so I can use EPM to install it on the phones.

I just go in circles, always ending up with instructions on how to move versions into slot 1/2 but never any instructions on how to actually download and store the latest firmware in the system and then update the master list.

What am I missing?

When you move this into a slot, you’ll see the available firmware for each phone.

To install the firmware you moved into a slot, you just have to click submit and it will take a min or two (depends on your internet speed) and it’ll install that firmware.

You will have to refresh the page to see if it was installed successfully.

Sorry for the late response - I never received any email notification of your post.

Thank you for the prompt response.

Done that and I now see

Very confusing!

What then does 1.45 mean if not the firmware level?

Anyway, I clicked Submit and got

I waited a log time but the message did not disappear.

I clicked Submit again and the message disappeared and the number 1.45 stayed in slot 1.

I’m not sure what I have achieved with all this, if the phone was anyway at the latest firmware level.

I then noticed that 1.46 had now appeared in the list (I’m sure it was not there before). So I had to drag the 1.45 from slot 1 back to the list (it seems to go to wherever you drop it -does it matter where into the list I drag it?) and then dragged 1.46 to slot 1.

It showed as the latest firm. So I repeated the above for 1.46 and power cycled the S500 but it still showed I the rebooted it via EPM and got the same result.

During the boot it did show the message ‘Check firmware…’.

So why has not been installed in the phone?

As explained, 1.45 is the firmware bundle, then you can see the firmware version for each model.

You don’t need to click submit again as mentioned in my previous post, just refresh the page.
And I’m pretty sure it says now ‘installed’… Look again.

Because it’s probably not installed… Also, did your set your phones to look for firmware in slot 1?

I dragged the 1.46 back so slot 1 was empty and did a Submit.

I then dragged 1.46 back and again a Submit.

Nothing seemed to happen - no message as per the first time so I went off to check the template.

The ‘Force Firmware Version’ was set to Recommended so I changed it to Slot 1 and selected Save/Rebuild/Update and did an Apply.

Nothing actually happened at the phone so I manually rebooted it. No change.

I then flipped back to the original screen and saw:


So I rebooted the phone once more but still seems to be stuck on

Product Model	S500	
Firmware Version
BOOT-- 11:10:00)
IMG-- 17:20:00)
ROM-- 17:20:00)
DSP--9.0.3(Patch 1.0.0)

Any idea why I am not getting emails whenever you post a reply?

I have tested the email address I registered (and I receive the Summary emails to that address) and at the bottom of this thread it shows

Apologies - found the problem - ME.

I actually have two EPM profiles, one for local phones and a second one for remote ones.

My phone is remote and I only changed the local one.

Both changed and my phone has been updated.

Thank for you assistance.

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