Firmware on D40s - Reset Loses Network Info

I have upgraded an existing Asterisk 11 FreePBX install to DPMA 3.2.2 and firmware in preparation for adding D60 phones to the environment.

I got a call from this remote customer’s support tech - he reset a D40, and had to re-enter the VLAN ID. In the past, a reset did not cause the loss of this information (making supporting remote customers much easier).

Is this expected behavior now?

A factory default should have always and forever wiped out all user configuration, including VLAN ID assignment. If it didn’t at any point in the past, that would have been some strange, bizarre error.

Understood, thank you. They’ve reset many of these over the past 3 years, VLAN loss did not happen on 1.4.x firmware.

I will add the VLAN assignment to their support document.