Firewall problem probably

I have two locations, the PBX is at location 2 and another location (we’ll call location 1) where we just have phones. Each location has static IP addresses and they’re excluded from the firewall as well as whitelisted. Each location shares the same model of devices and the same model router with matching firewall settings.

Location 2 where the server resides. The PBX is plugged into the ISP modem and then our router plugs in there as well. The phones are behind our router.

Location 1, everything works fine.
Location 2, the desk phones take all incoming calls, but only certain numbers seem to work on outgoing calls. The Grand stream cordless phones don’t take incoming calls and in similar fashion only certain calls will connect going outbound.

Where does it make sense to start troubleshooting this? Is it okay to post the “call event log” on here with phone numbers or don’t do that? I tried pasting in a google sheet and it thinks everything is a formula and I tried screenshot but it won’t let me get the entire list, ugh!!!

Calling my cell (one number that doesn’t work) looks like it “CHAN_START” and the next step is “LINKEDID_END”
Calling a supplier (number that works) looks like it “CHAN_START” and then “BRIDGE_ENTER”, and then keeps going with more.

Provide a debug of the failed call
Providing Great Debug - Support Services - Documentation (

I can do this and it runs, but I don’t know how to export this in any meaningful way, the text goes off the screen and I’m not that hip with Asterisk CLI. There is that CLI inside the admin panel but it looks like I can only send commands and not get the result. I can’t copy and paste anything inside the CLI. idk, I was hoping that article would show how to run the report hiding sensitive information and just email it to me, idk

As you can see, the callerID was wrong in my extension settings

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