Firewall knocks me out during the wizard

I have successfully installed the SNG7-PBX16-64bit-2302-1 on an EC2 instance in AWS. All worked smoothly during the installation. However, the firewall keeps knocking me out during the wizard:

  • whitelist public IP x.x.x.x/32? → yes
  • enable responsive firewall? → yes
  • Automatically configure Asterisk IP Settings? → I can’t do anything since I’m locked out

Why does it happen since my public IP has been whitelisted?

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I saw similar behaviour from FreePBX16 not on AWS but on another cloud hosted platform. My workaround was to wait 20 minutes, restart the node from the control panel and then log in before the firewall started up, after which everything seemed to work as expected.
I did also add a trusted network in the firewall for the DDNS domain name that tracks my MacBook, so I should be able to get in when I roam or my home router picks up a new public address.

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Thank you, it looks like a bug or something strange!

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