Firewall Issues

Hello everyone. I am setting up a FreePBX server on a VPS because I need to set up a phone server. I installed both asterisk and freepbx successfully, everything is working fine except the firewall. There is no firewall option in the FreePBX interface and when running fwconsole ma enable firewall I get ‘Firewall is not an installed module’.

I tried to run fwconsole ma downloadinstall firewall with and without --edge and got:

Detected Missing Dependency of: sysadmin
Downloading Missing Dependency of: sysadmin
The following error(s) occured:

  • Retrieved Module XML Was Empty
    Unable to resolve dependencies for module firewall

I cannot install the Sysadmin module either. I heard that installing the FreePBX distro can solve all this but It is not an option for me since my hosting service does not support that. If anyone knows any solution I would really appreciative it. Thank you!

For any non Distro install, the test is on going.
We are checking this point.


To clarify Franck’s point, the Firewall has a System Admin dependency and System Admin has a distro dependency.


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