Firewall is not running! File:/var/www/html/admin/modules/firewall/Attacks.class.php:17

status is showing as running

but in fact, it is not

chown then “fwconsole firewall start” = nothing
i. don’t have /tmp/error file

please advice

After several reboots and firewalls module reinstall FreePBX firewall started put his rules inside iptables
but when I add the DNS name it doesn’t


fwconsole firewall stop. – Freepbx rules deleted
fwconsole firewall start – RULES not added anymore

FIXED: by. installing IAX module

have no idea why it has this unclear dependency

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This sounds like a bug. I’m not sure how they are handling those at the moment

@kgupta @lgaetz

I don’t think a dependency needs to be added but it sounds like a line may need to be wrapped with a module check

I created to ticket to investigate this further. Thanks for reporting @satskiy.

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firewall.log @lgaetz

1699727583: Unparseable output from getservices - ["PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'asterisk.iaxsettings' doesn't exist in file \/var\/www\/html\/admin\/libraries\/BMO\/Database.class.php on line 247","Stack trace:"," 1. PDOException->() \/var\/www\/html\/admin\/libraries\/BMO\/Database.class.php:247"," 2. call_user_func_array() \/var\/www\/html\/admin\/libraries\/BMO\/Database.class.php:247"," 3. FreePBX\\Database->query() \/var\/www\/html\/admin\/modules\/firewall\/Smart.class.php:152"," 4. FreePBX\\modules\\Firewall\\Smart->getIaxPort() \/var\/www\/html\/admin\/modules\/firewall\/Smart.class.php:96"," 5. FreePBX\\modules\\Firewall\\Smart->getVoipPorts() \/var\/www\/html\/admin\/modules\/firewall\/Smart.class.php:84"," 6. FreePBX\\modules\\Firewall\\Smart->getAllPorts() \/var\/www\/html\/admin\/modules\/firewall\/Firewall.class.php:2212"," 7. FreePBX\\modules\\Firewall->getSmartPorts() \/var\/www\/html\/admin\/modules\/firewall\/bin\/getservices:22"] - returned 1
1699727583: Unable to see safemode in services.. Sleeping 5 seconds and retrying
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