Firewall - Interfaces


Firewall issue :

On a fresh freepbx 17 beta install, I added some trusted IP and networks in the firewall configuration.
Responsive Firewall is active.
But no way to move the only one interface '(ns3) to “Internet (default firewall)”

Any idea ?


what you describe is exactly what you do … you should have a drop down on that interface similar to this


Indeed that’s the right action. But after “update interfaces”, status is back to “trusted”.

Another issue with the firewall: the wireguard ‘wg0’ interface is not listed on this screen.
Visible on the dashboard but not in the firewall.

NB: Pbx was too much open to the public internet, so I switched to firewalld.


Same issue here. Installed FreePBX17 via install script on Debian 12 using DigitalOcean. I moved the config for the internet facing interface/subinterface to a config file in interface.d to resolve:

  1. Copied eth0 (and eth0:1) config lines from /etc/network/interfaces, then commented them
  2. Created /etc/network/interfaces.d/eth0 and pasted those config lines
  3. Rebooted

That resolved it for me.

BTW, some of these same issues are being discussed on the github page for the install script.