Firewall and networking error

I have a warm spare running Sangoma Linux 7
Physical machine.
Kernel 3.10.0-693.21.1.e17.x86_64
Asterisk 14
I have not run any updates or restored any backups for over a month except required security fixes.
It was last known as working around a month ago.
I have been receiving emails about available updates including this week.

Just to check on things since I had time, I went to log on today from web portal and couldn’t.
At the console I logged on as root and the current network configuration showed:
eth0, the mac address, and an ip address that looks like ipv6 (it has five groups of 4 hexadecimal digits) and an ipv4 address that actually belongs to a networked printer.
I rebooted and the ipv4 address was gone, only the ipv6 address was there.

I looked for the MAC address on my router but could not locate the device.

Then a console message says Firewall rules corrupted. Restarting in 5 secs.
More information available in /tmp/firewall.log
and it keeps repeating.

When I boot and see the brief Linux penguin I catch a warning that appears to say
Ignoring BGRT Failed to map image memory.

I finally after a reboot can run nano on the firewall.log.
At the top it says
Unparsable output from getservices Exception Asterisk is not connected in file \var www html admin libraries php-asmanager.php on line 242
Unable to see safemode in services… Sleeping in 5 seconds and retrying.
Then below this I see firewall service is now starting and a lot sbin iptables and ip6tables listed without any errors/warnings.

The production Pbx which is running the same software but different hardware is operating properly.

I found Daniel Holloway’s post

I used nano on /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0, changed the static ip address that was still configured for the one occupied by the network printer (DHCP), and rebooted.
And it works!
This time I have the Pbx’s static IP set for an address range that is not used by the router’s DHCP. Shouldn’t have any conflicts going forward. Shouldn’t have set myself up for this possibility in the first place.

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Good call, A ‘server’ of any variety should never be subject to the vagaries of a DHCP server, (NEVER :slight_smile: )

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