Firefox users: Certain extensions may cause "Potential Security Breach" page to appear

Just a heads up for Firefox users - if, when trying to change the settings on a page, you get a page that reads as follows:

[quote]Potential Security Breach

You are attempting to modify settings from a URL that does not appear to have come from a FreePBX page link or button. This can occur if you manually typed in the URL below. This action has been blocked because the HTTP_REFERER does not match your current SERVER. If you require this access, you can set CHECKREFERER=false in amportal.conf to disable this security check

The suspect URL is listed below. If this action is intended, you can click this link and your action will be processed. Do not proceed with this if you did not intended to execute this command as it may result in changes to your configuraiton. …[/quote]

And you did not try to do anything unusual, then try making the change using a different browser. If you don’t get the page there, then more than likely you have a Firefox extension that is disabling or spoofing the referrer header.

One such extension is Stealther. Among its features is that it will “… temporarily disable … Sending of ReferrerHeader.”

So if you get this “Potential Security Breach” page and cannot proceed, check those extensions!