FiOS Quantum issues with VoIP phones

I recently upgraded my FiOS Internet at home (residential FiOS) to the new FiOS Quantum gigabit speed. I immediately could not use most of my VoIP phones even though the phones and IP were registered with the PBX. Worked fine before but not after. I started to notice a pattern. Only my phones configured for pjsip wouldn’t work and my older sip phones would work. I went through and converted all my pjsip phones to sip and they started working! No matter what I did on the phones I could not get them to work with pjsip so I suspect that the quantum router is blocking the pjsip ports and not the sip ports. I may be wrong but I believe pjsip is a newer more robust protocol and some point in time sip would be deprecated?

After considerable research I believe that there are 2 versions of the quantum router. The default one they give you (black) is the one that has this issue. I have read that people who have upgraded to the newer round white quantum router (extra one time charge $475) do not have this issue. I plan to upgrade my router to the newer round white router and will update this thread when its installed and tested…

It should also be noted, my company is a Verizon re-seller and we offer a fiber based product through Verizon (for businesses only) where they install the same ONT (converts the fiber to Ethernet) and we install our own router which does NOT have this problem. Same fiber, different router and absolutely no issues.

This issue has caused me a lot of grief and explained why a lot of my customers were having issues taking their phones home to work virtual. I hope this helps someone out there who runs into the same problem but doesn’t know why.

Probably the SIP ALG on the fios router is messed up and causing the issue you are experiencing.

The protocol is the same between chan_sip and chan_pjsip, it’s still SIP. They are just different implementations so the signaling can be slightly different in certain areas (for example one may construct a call identifier differently), but it’s still completely the same protocol.

I disagree a little. When I set sip vs pjsip one is default 5160 the other is 5060.

SIP alg can be bypassed if you are using SIP over TLS. Please confirm if you are using SIP over UDP, TCP, or TLS.

Ok, I see now you are NOT using SIP over TLS. Please try to configure your phones and trunk to use TLS for pjsip and your problems should go away.

What ever the default is for Freepbx 14 with Grandstream, sangoma, polycom, and yealink phones (all had the same issue)

ok, thanks, where do I set that? In the template for the phones?

Also, I have Sangoma phones setup to use VPN, would this also be immune to that issue?

VPN should be immune.

For TLS:

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