FindMeFollowMe API Broken

starting a thread around:

I want to set FindMeFollowMe via the API, as designed

someone submitted/approved broken code
an HTTP PUT call to /admin/api/api/rest/findmefollow/users/5136 fails
error is:

    "error": {
        "type": "Whoops\\Exception\\ErrorException",
        "message": "Call to undefined function FreePBX\\modules\\Findmefollow\\Api\\Rest\\findmefollow_del()",
        "file": "/var/www/html/admin/modules/findmefollow/Api/Rest/Findmefollow.php",
        "line": 45

but what does that MEAN?

the PUT step here:
calls findmefollow_del($args[‘id’]);

which doesn’t exist in

but there IS a del() command…

the findmefollow_get is explicitly defined (thats janky AF…)

so we must just be missing it in the del.

first (?) Pull request:

turns out the del( function exists already, it was just not actually tied to the findmefollow_del that was trying to call it.

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@lgaetz hoping for a 2nd set of eyes…

Findmefollow_add seems to pass a big pile of comma separated args to a function that doesn’t exist…

but the ADD takes in… a $Data blob, which has to be an array?

more specifically… I just need to map the rest 'findmefollow_add" through an intermediary function to create an array from the list of params, then we should be good to call add properly…

does that pass a sanity check?

Not something I have personal knowledge of. All engineering is pretty much focused on Astricon this week (most will be reachable at Prob best to open a ticket with your findings and engineering can review when they come up for air next week.

how did i nearly miss astricon?!
time to burn the sprint, and gain some knowledge!

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re-created the PR with a single commit, to get delete and ADD working in the same commit (for history / changelog)

Some progress… but not enough.

the current EDGE module, the Delete works.
but the following Add for FindMeFollow is failing. trying to sort out why.

got it fixed, and functionally tested.
waiting for the next Pull Request to get merged.


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