Finding stored data for freepbx i my browser, no clue

My post got flagged. Ill try it here.
Yes i dont use this service all. Ongoing issues with hackers that seem to be in everything. I am user illiterate ,wouldn’t know how to use this and have been hached ongoing and stalked by peope that use profanities and threa5s all the time. I am just looking for answers or opinions if anybody would care to help out or offer any suggestions.
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Hi there ill piggyback on this post if no one minds.
Ok i dont use this service at all.
Im a novice as far as why this would be but i do have alot ongoing nasty hacking issues that involvecommunications and how someone would be able to do what these folks are doing. I am almost sure that it is a broadcast of sorts but these people are stright up stalking me. . And when i say nasty I’m talking about i can actually hear my hackers speaking to me personally in my home!
Yep! And they are not very friendly either. They know tons of personal info and have constantly put fourth threats awful hate speech and appear t9 have been responsable for turning what seems like
half the world against me. Sounds more like some campy scifi movie but this is really happening.
I believe it is coming thru the powerlines and into the modem… broadcast local to me. There is an intense ringing in the ears usually and its practically anyway yes im not crazy, it comes thru the fan when its on. It is like a neverending phone call or party line. I hear several talking amongst themselves. A noticeable dip in the ringing ears when someone leaves their "-discussion. "And although there is nothing in my browser’s history, ido find several megabytes of stored data for this site in my settings. That sh9uldnt be thistablet doesn’t even have a sim card in it . It did ring once months ago though…Is someone using me to front for them? Also my sagecom router changes its name to a “Ubantu” router alot. I don’t like the looks, or sounds of this. But apparently someone who uses this service is also using me.
So going thru my browser im finding stored data for alot of sites that id never fathomed using. Twitter being the top user at 30 mbs and i have never used it at all. then this site freecommunitypbx at 22mbs. Many more including one for a local newspaper in Kitspa. Disneyland, another one for a boat dealer, in goes on.

Would anyone like to take a crack at this one?
These people ruined half my poool service company, a relationship ans any joy that i once had in life. Ask any questions you wish. Its a unique sotuation ans im not ruling out being beta tested for some kind of subvocal speech process monitioring or something else outside the box.
Anything would be of great help. Thank you

If you don’t have FreePBX and you’ve been hacked, you need to find a real professional to deal with this. This isn’t appropriate for this forum/community.

If by “this service” you mean you don’t use FreePBX at all, then there is really nothing that can be dealt with in the forum. I can’t tell if this post is sincere or not. If it is, I suggest you contact the authorities not post on random discussion forums.

Closing thread.