Find out phone number of sim cards inside a Gsm Gateway

Hi people, i hope you doing good.

Today i have a question for you, how can i make to find out the phone number of every sim card inside GSM Gateway brand Lyric , i only see IMSI code of them , but i cant see the number , i share a screen capture of it , please help, thanks for your atention !!!

Unless the number had been saved to the SIM, you probably won’t see it, even if the gateway has a way to show it, which it probably doesn’t.

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HI , i found a way , i called to my cell from an extension registered in a zoiper , dialed just as the outbound route for the gateway indicated and i saw the numbers and the sim blinking on the interface web of the Gateway it wasnt that hard :v

Now I understand that you just wanted to know the assigned number, and as you found out by yourself, it is as easy as just calling from that SIM to a phone that has callerID enabled.

yup , what did just hapenned is that i was far away from the place where the Gateway was installed , so i had to do it from remote. thank you for comenting.