Find me follow me to an external number

I’ve set find me follow me with the extension number and an external cell phone. It doesn’t seem to work unless call confirmation is enabled. Do I have something configured wrong? Is there a way I can use the find me follow me feature with an external number without using call confirmation?

Does it work if the Follow Me has Play Music On Hold set to default? If so, you likely have a problem with forwarding the RTP ports (default UDP 10000-20000) in your firewall to the PBX.

If not, please report whether the caller hears the music, whether the external cell rings, and (if it does), whether there is audio in either direction.

With the music on hold set to default it works. With the music set to default the phone rings but there is no audio either way just static.

Something is likely wrong with the port forwarding.

What kind of router / firewall do you have?
Is it forwarding UDP ports 10000-20000 to the PBX?
Does the router have a public IPv4 address on its WAN interface? If not, please explain (connected to an ISP-supplied gateway, ISP does NAT, etc.)
Is the PBX on the same LAN subnet as the router? If not, please explain (PBX on virtual machine with other than bridged networking, etc.)

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