Find-Me-Follow-Me CallerID Issue

With the new robocall legislation, more and more carriers are enforcing valid caller ids and rejected caller ids that are not associated with the account. As a result, more and more carriers are rejecting the standard method of forwarding a call to an external number as it works in FreePBX today.

Since this obviously still works with many carriers, it would be nice to have some options; 1) select a carrier that is solely used for the find-me-follow-me function or 2) add an option to allow a selected “verified” caller id to be used.

This is rapidly becoming the norm with carriers, so having these new features to manage how these calls are handled are desperately needed.

If you set Change External CID Configuration to Outside Calls Fixed CID Value and set Fixed CID Value to something the carrier will accept, does that do what you need?

I’m not familiar with that option. Where would I find that?

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I am having the same issue. I am trying to Find-Me-Follow-Me on Twilio, and it tries to dial for a moment, before redirecting to voicemail. The timeout is set to 60 seconds, so it should try for much longer, and actually make the call. I set the external cid configuration to outside calls fixed cid value and set the value. It is still not working. Any ideas?

This is going to sound crazy, but I just went through this. Even after setting the external CID, the carrier was rejecting the forwarded calls. Found I had to set the fromuser= line in the trunk configuration and calls would be forwarded, but without audio. Found that if I changed the play music on hold line from ring to a recording, the audio was fine. :open_mouth: :thinking: (My solution to make it seemless for the callers was to snag a video of a phone ringing off of youtube & transcode the audio into a wave file, then upload it and use that for the transferring ‘music’. :laughing:)

Unfortunately, because the fromuser= line in the trunk config also overrides the CID at our off-site location, calls to 911 were getting the wrong address from those two phones, no matter what I set the CID / emergency CID to. I found no solution to this other than setting up a separate PBX for them, so after investing over a week to get find me follow me working, I changed it back & am using the provider’s portal to forward calls. :frowning_face:

Stupid spammers have to ruin things for everybody…

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