Find an explanation for the reports items in FreeBPX

I wants to know what it the precise interpretation of the various calls. For example, what means a Hangup of 3 minutes, …, a queue of 5 minutes, does it mean total 5 minutes including queue wait or 5 minutes talk with the agent.
You can veiw the problem screen shot


The call was 5 seconds long and was answered (Total Time so ring + answer)

The call was 15 seconds long and was not answered (so 15 seconds of ringing)

ah ok thank you

But what the deferrence between Dial and Hangup, i dont understand this

please i need an answer to my question

But what the deference between Dial and Hangup, i don’t understand this, dial is to call some one so it’s logical to have minutes but hangup it’s the inverse but, i don’t understand hangup + answered,
please i need an answers

any answers?