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SNG 7 Freepbx/Asterisk 14

I am attempting to troubleshoot a call and found it in the full log. The main problem is that it is interweaved with 100’s of other calls occurring at the same time, so I cannot get a clear look at it. I have the Verbose ID 25843.

The problem is when I use the Asterisk Logfiles module and filter on 25843, it will show no result. When I SSH into the full logfile, I see 25843.

What Linux command can I use to just filter on 25843? Does anyone know? @dicko maybe?

Thanks for the insight!

grep is your goto tool here

grep "\[25843\]" /var/log/asterisk/full|less

You need to escape the brackets or it would expand to an β€˜or’ expression. That value is not necessarily unique.

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Exactly what I was missing!

More of the same in the wiki:

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