Fillable PDF for Aastra 9133i/9143i labels?

I know this is a LONG shot.

Does anyone know of fillable PDF files for the labels for the Aastra 9133i/9143i phones?

I figured I’d scan one of the labels with my decrepit scanner, and then add some fields I can fill-in (x201, x202, PARK, P/U 71, etc.).

BUT, my scanner kind of sucks and I figured maybe someone already had a PDF.

I don’t mind cutting these out with a scissors. They can print on plain paper.

Desi stocks them on all kinds of labels.


DESI also has software you can download to print the new labels you buy. It is a very clever program with some neat features. You can setup templates, print in color, etc.

I looked at the Desi page and it appears their sheets only have six white areas instead of the seven my phone uses. I also am not sure if they have punched the holes for LED’s. So I called and they said they’d send me a sample to make sure it will work.

If not, SketchUp here I come. :slight_smile:

Yes, they are punched and work perfect. I have used 100’s of them. The 9133i’s were a very popular phone.

The software is slick.