FileStore Module - Can't use S3 Compatible Provider

Our company uses Wasabi for cloud object storage for backups, etc. It’s WAY cheaper than Amazon S3. Wasabi is a fully S3 compatible provider in that they have a REST interface that supports connectivity from any software/application that can connect to Amazon S3. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear there is a way to specify the server address in the S3 section of the FileStore module. Does anyone know of a way to do this?

The service URL looks something like this:, so the only thing that is different is the root domain. If there was simply an option to enter a different root domain, the drop down with regions would likely still work as S3 compatible providers us the same format for the subdomain.

Maybe there’s a config file somewhere that can be edited to change the root domain?

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There is no support for custom S3 hosts, but it’s an open source module. The files are in php and stored in /var/www/html/admin/modules/filestore

@lgaetz, thank you for the reply. I have copied the contents of the filestore directory out and sent them over to our web developer to see if he can engineer a way to add as an optional root domain, or more simply just replace with


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I would love to see this feature in FreePBX!

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