File does not exist

New install of FreePBX 13/Asterisk 13. All up to date. Backed up and restored the old PBX. Everything seem to work fine.

The Dashboard shoes 3 error messages:
File Does not Exist

  • Please run 'touch ’ and then ‘fwconsole chown’ to create this file.
    Unable to write to
  • Please change permissions on
    Unable to write to
  • Please change permissions on

No indication as to what the file may be.

There was a thread on here last week (or maybe the week before) about this.

I don’t remember exactly what the solution was, but it was something relatively simple like “fwconsole updateall” (maybe)? One of the smart people will hop on here in a few minutes with the real answer.

I did fwconsole moduleadmin updateall already. No effect.

I just don’t remember what the solution was. Maybe @tm1000 or @lgaetz remembers. Search through the forum for “File does not exist” - you should find the thread within the last couple hundred posts.

Search turns out nothing.

No solution?

There should be a couple of files in the logs directory that should help.

The /var/log/asterisk/full file probably has some mentions of the missing file.
There should also be a FreePBX log file that might have some additional information.

I’d start with those and see what breaks loose out of there.

A +1 over here. Same situation, new install and restore. Cannot find additional threads on the forum about this message. Looked at /var/log/asterisk/full but there are multiple ‘missing’ or ‘open error’ related files mentioned. Cannot determine which are responsible for the dashboard messages.
Any other idea’s? Someone knows which process (script) is responsible for this? Maybe the script code will give a hint?

It seems to me that the solution was “fwconsole chown” to get all of the permissions on all of the repositories and directories right, then restart the server.

You may end up reinstalling one or more of your recent updates, but that’s usually non-destructive, so it shouldn’t be a big issue.

If the dashboard message was working as expected, it would tell you the filename of the missing file, something like:

File Does not Exist /etc/blah/filename.whatever

And that would be the the clue you need to create it. Since the file name is missing, I would assume that dismissing the notice would make it go away, is that not the case?

The installation was the current freepbx distribution image (.16 if memory serves well) and directly upgrading to latest .20.
Tried the ‘fwconsole chown’ without any success. Just dismissing / deleting the messages is not a permanent fix. They show up again after a while.
But (as a side effect) after disabling several unused modules (like dahdi) it seems the messages do not show up any more. Sadly I cannot pinpoint which modules were the culprits. There were too many to test them individually.

Any way thanks for the suggestions so far.

Looks like possibly DAHDI config