Figuring this all out

I am new to SIP and VoIP and FreePBX, but I have been given the task of replacing our old analog PBX with a new PBX systems. After doing some research I have figured out that I need to get help with all this. I am a IT person and have lots of experience with programming and network setup, so I think that I can handle this. I just need to get somebody to give me the basics of what would be involved in setting up a FreePBX system to replace all my office phones.

Thank you for your time,

I suggest wandering over to the PBX in a Flash forum. The name “in a Flash” comes from how quick it is to get up and running. Takes a little over an hour from ISO to operating stage then the fun starts! It is a standard base distribution of Asterisk/FreePBX with a very supportive user group.

Some of the information you should provide is: number of phones required, type of trunks
and where, what features your existing phone system has, what features you would like, etc…

Here’s the main website: PBX in a Flash distribution

Thanks for the information, I am parsing through the information on the web site. Let me tell you what I have and then hopefully you can tell me what hardware I need. I have a PC ready to install the PBX in a Flash installation on. I have 4 analog lines. I am in the process of purchasing 11 SIP phones. I have Business Class Cable Modem setup with 20Mb/2Mb speeds. So what other hardware do I need? I guess a Digium card to connect my 4 analog lines to? and that should be it right.


An OpenVox card would work great (they are the best budget cards all I use)

Rhino and Sangoma make excellent cards also and offer free lifetime warranty and support.