Figuring out how many minutes of outbound calls per month

I want to find out roughly what my monthly minutes to landlines and mobiles is. I’ve gone to the CDR reports section. Is there search criteria i can run to see all calls going through a certain trunk that start with a landline prefix vs mobile prefix?

You mean like looking for the destination number that starts with your prefixes?

Yes so what i did in the CDR report is choose destination number begins with and I chose group by minute. But it gives all the records. Ideally i want total minutes

Export as a CSV, open in Excel or Google Spredsheets to calculate the total minutes.

That will be skewed because of how the duration is handled. If party A calls in from the PSTN and goes to a ring group then there are X more CDRs for that. If User C answers and then parks the call and someone else picks up then transfers and then it gets transfers to a cell number thus sending it back out the PSTN. There will be CDRs for all of that and in each of those CDRs the duration for that part of the call is there while the master channel (Party A) will end up having the full duration.

So you really do have to watch just adding up all the ANSWERED calls in the CDRs, you could end up double/triple/etc billing the same call.

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